Amir Ahmady

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  • Studying electronic engineering; Passionate about creating and figuring out how things work both internally and externally; Practicing from an early age and working professionally as a software developer; Mostly interested in mobile applications and reverse engineering.


  • Spoken Languages
  • Programming Languages
  • Frameworks and Development Tools
    Android Studio
  • Operating Systems
  • Databases
  • Others
    Command Line
    Reverse Engineering

Professional Experiences

  • PGS ltd.Remote
    C++ Developer, Reverse EngineerDec 2022 - Present
    • I joined PGS Ltd. in late December 2022 as a C++ develoepr and reverse engineer to be a help in their currently live products, which are mostly related gaming.
    • PGS Ltd. is a copmany where I found myself working on project I loved the most before joining the company, related to games I spent a lot of time when I was younger and made an important part of my childhood. They have a lot of customers, players, and users so all of their products must be worked on professionally. And I'm learning a lot during my time in here.
  • Dorreh Co.Remote
    Full Stack Mobile DeveloperNov 2020 - September 2022
    • Shortly after my previous job and due to the COVID-19 crisis I was looking more into remote jobs with working hours flexibility. So I started working for Dorreh Co. as a React-Native developer at first. However, I soon had to pick up some back-end parts of the projects. It helped me feel more comfortable knowing how I can structure the entire stack to suit me better on the mobile side.
    • During these times I met a lot of co-workers with good experience and I learned a lot of from them in every way possible. The more I was being put to work on newer projects the newer techniques I was able to adapt and learn.
  • Agret Co.Babol, Mazandaran, Iran
    React-Native Developer, Desktop App Developer, Web developmentAugust 2017 - October 2020
    • Started working for Agret Co. as my first professional job after finishing high school, hired as a C# & VB.Net developer at first but switched to mobile department when they were in need of a React-Native developer.
    • In times of need I had to make front-ends and write back-ends in JavaScript/TypeScript, React for the UI and Express.JS with MongoDB on the server.

Side Projects

    A multiplayer mod for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas that is fully backwards compatible with San Andreas Multiplayer.
  • samp-node
    A plugin/extension to San Andreas Multiplayer modification for the game GTA: San Andreas, written in C++, which people can use to write the scripts in JS/TS; It's a tool that embed Node.JS into server application and creates multiple Node environments.
  • small3d-cpp
    A very small renderer made in C++
  • website
    The website we use for, which is live at . I'v ebeen part of this project and contributed to it a lot to add features or fix bugs. The website uses Golang as backend and React (TypeScript) as frontend
  • Launcher
    Our multiplayer project,, has a launcher for players to use to browse servers, configure settings, and join the servers they wish to. This project uses Rust and React(-Native) using TypeScript.
  • omp-models
    A website using Next.js, React-Native-Web, and Three.js to render models exported from a game and stored data in a smaller version in a JSON file
  • rwexporter
    A cli tool to export Dff/TXD data from the game GTA: San Andreas and convert them into a smaller file with needed data only in a JSON or a binary file
  • FarsiType
    A simple library for Farsi/Arabic strings written in C++


  • Amol University of Special Modern TechnologiesAmol, Mazandaran, Iran2018 - present
    Studying Electronic Engineering
  • National Organization for Development of Exceptional TalentsBabol, Mazandaran, Iran2011 - 2018


  • I love creating stuff, whether it's a video, a photo edit, or most of all, a random app doing something fun. I'm interested mostly in how things around me are created first, then trying to replicate it. And if I find something interesting, I'll invest all of my time and effort on it and enjoy the process!
  • Back in secondary school we were taught QBasic and a year after that we started VB6. Those were fun days when I realized I have a lot of interest in programming and creating things, whether through code or not. Creation has always been my hobby! In high school, we were being taught C++ which I already knew and managed to succeed greatly in that year with. Those years in school were the ones I tried to pick up different languages either by finding them interesting or being forced to use them in order to create certain things. Languages like Pawn, Lua, C, C++ HTML&CSS, PHP, and C# were those I kept messing with and created small things for myself.